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Performance Management
EPPS Software is expert at developing software to automate and manage Performance Based Service Contracts.
Distributed, easy to use systems covering all aspects of large complex Asset / Fleet management.
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Technical Risk Management
EPPS Software developed the Technical Risk Management System (TRMS)
to improve Reliability and Safety for ship operations.
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Quality Breathing Air
EPPS Software develops software systems that assure the quality
of the breathing air used across the Royal Australian Navy.
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Trusted Partner
EPPS Software is a trusted partner of the Royal Australian Navy
creating critical solutions to support their specialist business needs.

Performance Management

The Performance Management Tool (PMT) is an easy to use web-based system for managing all aspects of complex Performance Based contracts.

Risk Management

The Technical Regulatory Management System (TRMS) helps ensure that an organisation is not only compliant and more efficient but also able to maintain and improve upon existing engineering and operational requirements.

Breathing Air Quality

The Air Quality Assurance (AQA) system implements the regulatory requirements for breathing air quality.

It is an easy to operate web based application that automates the business rules and supporting work practises for testing and maintenance of Breathing Air Compressor units (BACU’s) across Australia, ashore and at sea.

About Us

EPPS Software has a proven track record of delivering sophisticated software-based solutions which ensure that the Client can deliver on both their organisation’s contractual obligations and its financial goals.

An Australian Company with combined experience of over 30 years ‘in solutions design and implementation. We specialise in products that ensure organisations can accurately maintain large capital equipment inventories and meet regulatory requirements with known higher performance and lower costs.

  • Specialized Products

    Our solutions are based on common components which are configured, and where required can be customised to ensure tight, seamless integration into the Client’s systems and work practices.

  • Skilled Software Engineers

    Our team of highly skilled software engineers and development specialists can develop customised software applications to automate and optimise technical workflow and business processes.

  • Responsive Development Times

    Following the Client’s agreement to a high level solution design, our approach to development is based on rapid prototype development and incremental review. This approach helps to ensure essential flexibility in key detail while providing fast accurate solution delivery.

  • Cost Effective

    Our experience in software solution architecture and design, combined with highly skilled coding engineers, ensures an extremely cost effective  solution.

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