APPNOTE: Copy/overwrite Database Diagrams

— Copy/overwrite Database Diagrams from One Server to Another Server within the same instance.

— Source: PMT_MCD

— Target: PMT_MCD_2


DELETE sysDiagrams

where name in (select name from PMT_MCD.dbo.sysDiagrams)

SET identity_insert sysDiagrams on

INSERT sysDiagrams (name, principal_id, diagram_id, version, definition)

select name, principal_id, diagram_id, version, definition

from PMT_MCD.dbo.sysDiagrams

SET identity_insert sysDiagrams off


APPNOTE: Broadcast Email

Procedure to Notify all TRMS users of an Outage


The following procedure may be used to generate an email message to all the user of the TRMS.

This might be used to notify them of an outage, for example.


  1. Use the Data Export utility to export a list of all the users of the application.

  1. Select all the columns you like, but include the Email Address at least:

  1. Export this list to Excel.
  2. Within Excel, remove the users that have no email address, or outside your organization, as desired.

  3. Copy the list of email addresses into the address bar of your email message and send.