Air Quality Assurance


Air Quality Assurance (AQA) is an Internet based web workflow application that ensures that the Breathing Air consumed by the Royal Australian Navy is of the highest quality. Applications include SCUBA, Fire Fighting Open Circuit Breathing Apparatus (OCBA) and Bottle Banks.

The main functional elements:

  • Record air quality test data for local and external tests
  • Manage air quality test schedules
  • Enable air quality test data to be compared
  • Enable past data to be recalled
  • Capturing Tube Test data
  • Capturing Laboratory Test data
  • Printing required air quality test documentation and shipping forms
  • Scheduling of air quality tests
  • Notification and communication emails
  • Audit trails of all test information

The AQA enables the users to view and compare past air quality test data and allows the user to easily verify the status and test schedule of an Air Source.

Air Quality Testing is conducted on Breathing Air Charging Systems which use a BACU (Breathing Air Compressor Unit). Samples are collected directly from a BACU and in some cases from additional points downstream such as Bottle Banks and remote Panels. Testing is mandatory and must be conducted against a strict schedule; the results are tracked, audited and used to determine if a Breathing Air System is fit for service.

Air Test Workflow

AQA automates the following workflow in support of air quality testing.