Technical Risk/Regulatory Management System


Controlling Your Technical Risk Environment

TRMS is a cloud (intranet/internet) workflow application which manages all aspects of Technical Risk in a Regulatory (business rules) environment.


Design > Build > Maintain > Decommission

Technology to manage life cycle risk against significant assets
The TRMS provides a comprehensive set of features enabling best practice Technical Risk Management.

TRMS System Highlights

  • Complete lifecycle Risk & Issues Management
  • Engineering and Programmatic/Functional Risks & Issues
  • Role Based workflow, extensive Audit Trail recording
  • Linking and mapping: Goals > Objects > Risks/Issues > Treatment/Mitigation > Monitoring>Reporting
  • Multiple Concurrent Treatment Plans
  • Mapping of Causes/Controls/Consequence, Events, Effectiveness and Performance Metrics, Cost and LOE (Level of Effort) tracking
  • Authority Delegation Management
  • Bow-tie analysis, timelines
  • Highly configurable RMF (Risk Management Framework)
  • Email and workflow notification, object linking
  • Extensive Reporting capabilities – Data Export, Trend Analysis, Standing, Monthly Snapshot, Overdue, Register, Custom Reports, …
  • Ease of Use: Drill-down, extensive graphical User Interface elements, index searching, help, web-based training
  • Rich set of management features and utilities
  • Collaboration and Individual functionality
  • ‘Canned’ Text for consistent use
  • Cumulative Risk Index
  • Opportunities, Journals, Calendar, Groups, Risk Relationships
  • and much more….